Internet Peace Prize


Internet Peace Prize (IPP)
We are in the era where cyberbullying, malicious comments and hate speech are being indiscriminately spread via the internet, sometimes aggressively enough to take away the lives of people, and where such hateful actions are becoming amplified in the global village.
  • •In 2017, when the Korean Peninsula was under the threat of nuclear war between North Korea and the United States throwing language bombs at each other, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates have been invited to Korea where together with the Gangwon Province, the host province of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and the Sunfull Foundation, have issued the PyeongChang Joint Statement of Peace, at the demilitarized zone, calling for peace on the Korean Peninsula and for the North Korean athletes to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.
  • •Inspired by this event, on the following April 2018, Dr. Byoung-chul Min, founder of the Sunfull Internet Peace Movement, established the Internet Peace Prize as a way to recognize and support those who have contributed to world peace by countering cyber bullying, hate speech, and the violation of human rights via the internet.
Internet Peace Prize is awarded to individuals or organizations that:
  • •Contributed to preventing or countering online hate speech, cyberbullying and malicious comments.
  • •Contributed to humanity, world peace and fulfillment of human rights, without being restricted by nationality, religion, or ideology, race, ethnicity, gender or other differences.
Internet Peace Prize Award Ceremony
  • •Annual selection
  • •Certificate & medal of recognition
  • •Prize Money