Internet Peace Prize

Medal Story


The Values of the Sunfull Internet Peace Movement of Promoting Positivity

People all over the world are being connected by the Internet every day, creating new relationships and culture. The Internet has facilitated the creation of a new society, and our thoughts and actions can impact society positively or negatively. The Sunfull Internet Peace Movement is a movement to encourage positive thoughts (Good Heart), to find good words (Good Comments), to use them (Good Practice), and to promote this positive motivation to others (Promote Positivity). By spreading positivity, we can create a more harmonized positive online culture.

The Internet Peace Prize medal represents these four core values of the Sunfull Internet Peace Movement; Good Heart, Good Comments, Good Practice, and Promotion of Positivity.

G. BRAND (Designer Seo Whan Kim) has designed the Internet Peace Prize medal, being inspired by the four values of the Sunfull Movement and emphasizes 'harmony' as the main concept. The representative colors of each value have been extracted from the natural color gradients of the sun and sunflower. Designing the four concepts into a geometrical vortex, the medal symbolizes a harmonized Internet society driven by the four values represented in four distinct colors.

디자인 콘셉트: 화합 / 선플 운동의 4가지 개념 : ① 선한 마음 ② 선한 글&말 ③ 선(善)의 실천 ④ 선(善)의 확산 / 빨강 : 선한 마음(Good heart), 태양의 상징, 노랑 : 선한 말, 글, 행동에 확산의 의미를 담은 해바라기 상징, 녹색 : 실천의 의미, 선의지 발현을 상징, 검정 : 확산의 의미를 담은 해바라기의 상징 컬러, 포인트 컬러 활용

The Internet Peace Prize medal is in the form of a circle to represent a continuous effort to develop a positive reinforcement of a harmonious relationship between people.

Each side embodies the harmonious vortex representing the four main values of the Sunfull Internet Peace Movement. On the front side, the honorable name of the Internet Peace Prize Laureate is engraved on the center. On the back, a framework pattern of spaced bars symbolizes the seed grid at the center of the sunflower and the globally connected network, meaning the global expansion of the Sunfull Internet Peace Movement. The phrase wrapping around the edges of the framework, indicates the purpose of the Sunfull Movement as ‘Spreading Positive Online Culture, Creating a Beautiful World through Beautiful Words’.