Candidate Nomination

Recommendation Panel
1Organization of Recommendation Panel
The IPP Award Committee will nominate the Recommendation Panel, internationally recognized for their broad knowledge and virtue in the fields of politics, economics, society, culture, sports and science. They are responsible to recommend the award candidates.
  • 01.International Organizations and Academic Organizations
  • 02.International award winners
  • 03.Internet Peace Prize Winner
  • 04.Korea's leading universities and media organizations
  • 05.Pre-eminent members of the Internet Peace Prize
  • 06.Other well-known domestic and foreign candidates selected by the Internet Peace Prize Award Committee
  • 07.An individual or organization with more than 100 referrals.
2Candidate Nomination
  • 01. Candidates are nominated, regardless of nationality, race, religion, or ideology.
  • 02. Members of the Recommendation Committee are unable to recommend themselves.
  • 03. The deadline for the receipt of recommendations shall be until the commencement of the award nomination pre-screening meeting.
  • 04. The Committee requests for the Recommendation Panel to recommend candidates according to the required qualification standards.
  • 05. A recommendation letter shall be submitted to the Committee for review.
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