Screening & Selection

The Internet Peace Prize Award Committee
The Award Committee will consist of up to 15 professionals in the fields of academics, internet culture, business and winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. Term will be 3 years, available to be renewed.
- Overall operation and management
- Review and commissioning of the Recommendation Panel
- Screening and selection of the final winner
- Miscellaneous affirmation that the chairman of the IPP Award Committee deems necessary
32018 Awarding Committee Members
- Tilman Ruff : Co-President of 1985 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate IPPNW
- Akira Kawasaki : Administrative Chair of ICAN, 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
- Kim, Chong-yang : President of the International Human Rights League of Korea
- Byoung-chul Min : Founder of Internet Peace Prize