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We are now accepting nominations for the 2023 Internet Peace Prize.


The Process



Anyone may submit a nomination for someone to be awarded the Internet Peace Prize. To do so, enter the person’s name and why you feel they should be awarded the prize in the comment form below.



Nominations are reviewed by the Sunfull Foundation. Candidates that meet the prize requirements, along with a report on their activity, are forwarded to the IPP Award Committee.


Selection & Announce­ment

The IPP Award Committee reviews the candidates and selects a winner. The winner is notified, after which, an announcement is released to the media.

Submit a nomination

Our system for submitting nominations only works with newer internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

If you would like to submit a nomination, please visit our site again using a newer browser.

We welcome your recommendations for the 2023 Internet Peace Prize

If you know an individual or an organization that is working to counter hate on the internet, we invite you to submit their name below.

After you have logged into one of your accounts, please enter your nomination in the box and click on the red button labeled 등록 to submit it.

Screening, Selection, & Announcement

Nominations for candidates for the Internet Peace Prize, along with their qualifications, are submitted through this website. As names are submitted, the Sunfull Foundation reviews the candidates, their qualifications, and their background to ensure they meet the Internet Peace Prize criteria:

  • Has contributed to preventing or countering hate remarks, racial discrimination, human rights violations and hate crimes on the internet, or
  • Has contributed to humanity, world peace, and the fulfillment of human rights, without being restricted by nationality, religion, ideology, race, ethnicity, gender, or other differences.

The names of candidates, along with a background report, are submitted to the Award Committee. The Committee reviews the nominations and makes the final determination for the Internet Peace Prize recipient.

Nominations are reviewed and selections are made without regard to nationality, race, religion, or ideology.

The Internet Peace Prize Award Committee consists of global leaders of peace, including Nobel Peace Prize and Noble Medicine Prize Laureates, representing the fields of education, culture, science and human rights. This committee selects the candidate (or candidates) to be awarded the Internet Peace Prize.

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